We build IoT Solutions to Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

What is Viatoile?

We launch new IoT solutions to enable the success of the digital transformation of your business

Our Values


We constantly stay close to our clients no matter what


In each of the people we work with, we value Honesty and commitment


Creativity is our DNA


Times are changing faster than ever before, without adaptation there’s no progress

Our Philosophy

We humans have been able to strive as a specie thanks to our 5 senses, they help us learn, grow, interact and get smarter everyday. The objects around us today, can’t learn, grow and interact because they don’t have senses, That’s Our Mission, we give senses to objects to make them smarter, and more efficient. We believe that the future of Business will be shaped by the adoption of IoT solutions, with the power of IoT, we want to make the world more efficient and sustainable. 

What We Do @ViaToile

Meet our Team
We help you identify IoT opportunities!
  • IoT for cost reduction
  • IoT for revenue increase
  • Get your IoT vision
    We priorities the the selected opportunities based on one single Factor :  Business Impact!
    Watch the magic happen
    The input is processed by Our Magic Box !
    Get the Benefits!
    Congratulations! Your new complete IoT solution is ready to deploy

    What's Inside Our Magic Box ?

    A Passionate team of IoT experts

    We constantly work on Research and Development of better ways to make IoT solutions accessible to all


    Our powerful Plug and Play IoT Platform

    We reduce the complexity of working with existing IoT Platforms

    A bunch of Data Scientists

    Great insights is only possible when Sensors get smart with AI algorithms. That’s what we do!

    A large network of high quality Sensors suppliers

    We are constantly looking for better and more innovative sensors

    Our Partners

    Securing their way into IoT transitioning

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